Meeting with MLA Greg Kyllo

Brian Taylor, Sherry Taylor, Craig Spooner and myself met with Greg Kyllo. The main part of the discussion was to do with Scotch Creek Incorporation Study funding.  We wanted to talk to him to see if he could help by talking to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development about funding the study?  He did say that he would talk to the minister with our concerns and see if there has ever been an incorporation study funded and an incorporation of a community without the support of a regional district? In this discussion we talked about the need for more local control and ability to apply for grants to have water and sewer installed. That our community is dying without growth. He has since followed up with me on the 16th and the 23rd saying that he has not been able to meet yet.  A lot of budget meetings.

We did also bring to his attention the APC dissolution. Some discussion did continue on this topic. He was not aware of this and said he would research it further.
I brought up the issue that Area F was not included in the labor market study with Community Futures and Provincial Government grant. He was also going to look into this.
We will be staying in contact with Greg.
(Update: Since this meeting Greg has kept us informed of his progress and we’re waiting to hear of the results of his conversation with Hon. Peter Fassbender, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development)