Ministry responds to CSRD request

On February 19th, 2018 the CSRD received a response from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The letters basically states that “that the conditions do not exist in the North Shuswap area to support a viable municipality at this time.” It goes on to say

“The North Shuswap area is comprised of a number of small and relatively isolated rural communities stretched along the north side of Shuswap Lake. These communities, including Scotch Creek, would not have sufficient numbers of permanent residents nor the diversity in tax base required to be considered for municipal incorporation. As well, I recognize that the vision of North Shuswap residents, as expressed in the Official Community Plan, is to remain a predominantly rural area with value placed on the natural environment and sustainable, well-considered development.

Given these factors, it would not be appropriate for me to recommend pursuing an incorporation process at this time.”

They would prefer that we attempt to work with the CSRD to resolve our issues with their governance structure. The Ministry would be willing to consider contributing to a community issues assessment as long as we agree to no pursue incorporation at this time.

Read the Ministry response letter

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