Incorporation committee asks the CSRD to request the study

The recent letter from the Ministry states that they wouldn’t support or fund a formal study of municipal incorporation but they may consider funding a community issues assessment IF the CSRD board and community “can accept that this work needs to lead to potential solutions within the existing regional district framework, rather than the establishment of a municipal structure in a portion of or all of Electoral Area F.”

We, the Incorporation Committee, feel that any conversation with the Ministry will be valuable in pursuing much needed change in the development of the North Shuswap. With discussion come ideas, with ideas come plans, with plans come change. The status quo is not an option. Declining this dialogue will do us no good.

We have therefore asked Director Morgan to request the CSRD board to respond to the Ministry letter asking that they contribute to a community needs assessment with the goal of reviewing our current status and future goals. Then once defined, to determine if there are ways and options of working with the CSRD to realize those goals.

This is not our original desire, but it is a step in the right direction.

Baby steps…

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